6 Garage Doors RI Problems That Surface During Winter

garage door repair RI

During the winter, your garage door ages and deteriorates. Sadly, most residential and commercial property owners only take their garage doors RI into account when something is wrong. And if that problem occurs in the dead of winter, it can be a real hassle. Let’s talk about the top five garage door problems you might have this winter and how to get your garage doors RI winter-ready.

Broken Springs

Broken springs are among the most frequent problems we encounter in the winter. Your garage door may become dysfunctional if your springs fail, leaving you outside in the cold. Do not attempt to open or close your door if you think you have broken springs. It might lead to more harm. Call a garage door repair RI company instead to assist you in fixing the issue. Always keep in mind that trying to fix broken springs yourself is the worst course of action. It can result in an accident and cost you a lot of money and stress rather than saving you money and keeping you safe over the winter.

Ineffective opener

A broken opener is another that might arise in the winter. It happens when the opener’s battery freezes, rendering it incapable of opening or closing your garage doors RI. Maintain spare batteries for your opener in a warm location to avoid them. Additionally, to prevent the battery from freezing in the first place, you may want to think about purchasing an opener that comes with a warmer. With this, you can be sure that the cold never bothered your garage door. 

Frozen Tracks

Frozen tracks are another issue that can arise in the winter. It typically occurs when water enters the rails, freezes, and expands, making it challenging for the door to go up and down smoothly. To fix this problem, you must defrost the tracks with a hair drier or heat gun. And to remove any dirt or moisture that may have crept inside after they have defrosted, wipe them with a clean cloth. 

Frosted Garage Doors RI Sensors

A sensor in your garage door opener alerts you when something is blocking the door (like a car or person). This sensor may get frozen, making it impossible for your garage door to open or close, leaving you trapped inside or outside. To resolve this problem, defrosting the sensor with a hair dryer until it is again usable is the way to go.

Hardened Lubricant

Typically, lubricants can efficiently work in hot climates. As a result, they are capable of operating machinery or equipment effectively. However, greases stop functioning when it is frozen. Low temperatures could cause the lubricant to thicken or solidify, making it less effective. You can resolve this problem by removing all the hardened greases from the tracks and rollers and replacing them with silicon-based lubricant, which can survive cold temperatures.

Worn-out Weatherstripping  

Weatherstripping fills up cracks around your garage door to stop airflow and keep the interior warm. However, weather stripping may lose its effectiveness and deteriorate with time. Examine the weather stripping around your garage door for cracks and decide whether it needs any repair or replacement. A minor adjustment will result in a positive outcome in the operation of your garage door. Well-maintained garage doors RI can keep your home warm and your car safe during the winter.

Take Away

Don’t let these common winter problems turn into expensive repairs—if you notice any of these issues cropping up, deal with them immediately! By keeping an eye out for these six problems, you can catch them early and prevent a minor issue from making it worse. And if you ever do find yourself in need of a garage door repair RI and any garage door services, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re at Dependable Garage Doors LLC is open 24/7, and would be happy to help get your garage doors RI back in tip-top shape.

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