High-speed door installation & Service

We have the ideal commercial door solution if you need to secure the safety and efficiency of your business. Our high-speed doors are built to be fast and efficient.

Roll up steel door installation & Service

Our roll-up steel doors are built to provide you with long-term quality and reliability that can withstand harsh conditions. It will undoubtedly boost the security and efficiency of your business's operations.

Fire door installation & service

Our fire doors are built to save lives and protect properties. Our fire doors separate the building zones and isolate the situation in the event of a fire, preventing further damage.

Garage Doors

Discover the possibilities for your home with a new garage door. Beautiful garage doors enhance the curb appeal of your home and have a major impact on your home’s value.

Emergency Garage Door Service

Garage doors don’t always cause problems at convenient times. Often, homeowners find that their garage door is inoperable when they are heading to work in the morning.

Garage Door Service

When your garage door breaks, you lose more than just a door. Whether it’s the entrance to your home, a place to protect your vehicles, or where you store your belongings, it can really disrupt your daily life.

Garage Door Repairs

When your garage door fails to work correctly, or the door is broken, you’re in need of garage door repairs. Call Dependable Garage Door Services, LLC. We’re the trusted garage door experts.

Garage Door Repair Prices

When you call Dependable Garage Door Services, LLC to repair your broken or damaged garage door, we can ensure that you will be getting the best price for the service you require.

Spring Repairs

Do I need to call a contractor to repair the springs on my garage door? It seems simple and straightforward enough, but there is more to repairing springs on garage doors than meets the eye!

Garage Door Openers

Are you looking to repair or replace your garage door opener? Dependable Garage Door Services, LLC has the tools and knows how to use them!

Garage Door Installation

Your garage door is the largest moving object in your property. To safely raise and lower your door, you don’t want to take any chances by hiring just anyone. Hire a name you can trust.

Glass and Aluminum Doors

Are you looking to showcase a home or business with an aluminum-framed glass door? Glass adds elegance and allows natural light to shine inside, increasing mood and productivity

Commercial Garage Doors

Dependable Garage Door Services, LLC offers commercial garage door installation, repair, and maintenance services to all businesses. Having 9 years of experience and expertise

Garage Organization

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were always able to find what you’re looking for? As easy as it is for garages to become a catch-all for your storage, boxes, and items that get rarely used, it is easy for them to quickly become unorganized