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Because they support the weight of the door when it opens and closes, garage door springs are an essential part of your garage door. Your garage door is a dead weight without working springs and may cause an accident. Contact Dependable Garage Door Services, LLC, the area’s top-notch garage door spring repair, to get the job done.

We strongly urge you not to try DIY. While independent garage door maintenance is possible, it is always best to call a qualified expert in garage door springs. Give Dependable Garage Door Services, LLC a call today.

Why Hire Us For Your Garage Door Spring Repair?

We Are Dependable

Dependable Garage Door Services, LLC is a garage door repair company that values its clients’ time. We understand how risky and urgent fixing a broken garage door spring can be for homeowners. When you hire us, you can count on our pros to arrive on time and complete all repairs and installations by the agreed-upon time or earlier.

We Are Transparent

Transparency is, as we all know, essential to building a solid foundation of trust between a consumer and a service provider. Since we value transparency, we consult with our clients about project deadlines, costs, and goals. Rest assured that we will give you all the project-related information you need while providing you with an affordable garage door spring repair service.

We Are Industry Experts

We are a group of certified professionals who can accurately identify any garage door spring issue. This claim has been tested over the years that we have been in the industry, and we can back it up with relevant experience. Additionally, as part of our competence, we use appropriate tools for all garage door spring repair projects.

We Value Our Clients

We’ll do everything in our power to make you feel valued as a client during the entire project for your garage door. Our customer service representatives will always communicate politely with our clients, whether in person, via phone, or by mail.

If you want to work with a Johnston garage door contractor who can do the project flawlessly and correctly, contact the local experts at Dependable Garage Door Services, LLC today.

Do I need to call a contractor to repair the springs on my garage door? It seems simple and straightforward enough, but there is more to repairing springs on garage doors than meets the eye! The purpose of the spring is to offset the weight of the door and enable it to open and close easily. If the tension is not adjusted, the door can move unevenly or too slowly, or quickly. Dependable Garage Door Services, LLC has been repairing garage door springs since 2013. If your garage door springs are not synced, best to call the pros from Dependable garage door spring repairs at (401) 340-5894 for repairs.

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Leave Torsion Springs to the Pros

There are basically two different types of springs used in most garage doors; side-mounted springs and torsion springs. Torsion springs are more difficult to work with and should be handled by a garage door pro such as Dependable Garage Door Services, LLC. We have been in the spring repair business for over 9 years and can quickly and effectively fix your spring issues. You can recognize torsion springs because they mount above the garage door and parallel with the top of the door. Heavier doors and those move 10 feet wide use these springs.

How to Recognize a Garage Spring Problem

There are several signs that consumers can recognize that tell them their garage door issue is related to a problem with the springs. Doors that require spring adjustments typically:

If you are experiencing one of these issues, simply call Dependable Garage Door Services, LLC for assistance. Our garage techs are available to quickly resolve the issue.

Let Dependable Garage Door Services, LLC Relieve your Tension

Your garage door will behave differently if you have too much or too little tension on the springs. In either case, Dependable Garage Door Services, LLC can help. With over 9 years of experience, our crews will determine your garage spring issue and increase or decrease the tension depending on if the door is closing too quickly or slowly. If the door is uneven, we’ll get the springs equalized for you. Simply call (401) 340-5894 for spring repairs.

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